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The Merger, Acquisition, & Complex Organization Problem

Sep 14, 2016 / by Bird Rock Blogger

Are you in the midst of a merger, acquisition, or is your organization complex? If so you may be experiencing this challenge.

Let’s paint a picture for a moment.

The Okta sign sign on solution makes IT more efficient and simple especially when dealing with mergers, acquisitions, or complex organizations.










There are major concerns and challenges that must be addressed in these 2 options.

The first option is a time and energy black hole. Asking your IT team to manage separate and sometimes multiple Active Directory Domains and Forests for two companies that just became one can add incredible complexity to your environment. What happens when you want to build out greater operational efficiency as your company gets larger? How do you manage adding employees, domains, and forests?

Option 2 is complicated as well. Though you want to avoid the black hole of Option 1 by using the same AD or platform, migrating 4,500 users to another Active Directory presents a ton of challenges. You can hassle with building out Domain Trusts for the acquired AD that will be disused or you can migrate all your users using an ADMT (Active Directory Migration Tool). Depending on how big both companies are involved in the acquisition, this can get extremely complicated. There are also many things you need to be aware of and take into consideration before performing a migration. To get a taste of what that looks like check out this ADMT GUIDE.

Now if time was plenty and your users did not need access to their applications, option 2 would be the obvious answer. But time is not plenty and your business requires that all users must be able to access their applications and do so securely, even during the transition of a company being acquired. 

Ultimately, the question here is “How do users from an acquired company use their applications, while providing access to the new company’s applications in a controlled manner? And how quickly can we ramp this up?”

 Using a completely cloud based solution gives you the opportunity to create secure access identity management and ramp up quickly after a merger, acquisition, or you are a complex organization.

Okta is our recommended choice for secure access identity management and provisioning in a 100% cloud based system. If you are going through a merger, acquisition, or are a complex organization check out this datasheet to learn how Okta can solve your challenges.

One Okta customer was able to consolidate 70 Active Directory domains within 2 months—nearly impossible with on-prem alternatives. Customers save an estimated 6 months of time and $50k per directory.


To learn more or receive a demo please contact us info@birdrockusa.com or 858-866-9702.


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