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Security Assessment

How secure is your data? A Bird Rock Security Assessment addresses vulnerabilities, gaps, and risks in your security posture and delivers priority recommendations on how you can improve.
Secure Your Data Today!

Strengthen Security

Today’s cyberthreat landscape poses a grave risk to your sensitive data, profitability, and reputation. IT security must be dynamic and continuously practiced. This requires a clear understanding of how devices are configured and of how users, customers, and applications access data.   


Bird Rock Systems has specialized in assessing, building, and managing enterprise information security for more than 15 years. Our extensive engineering experience gives us an opportunity to develop “rock solid” security strategies that respond to your evolving business challenges.    

Security Services

Our expert Security Team helps you limit risk from modern day threats. Some of our most popular services include: 

  • Security Team as a Service – Mature your security program and execute on security initiatives with a skilled team: vCISO, Security Architect, Security Engineer and Project Manager. Learn more here. 
  • vCISO Services – Create and lead security program for an organization that aligns with business initiatives. 
  • Security Roadmap – Prioritized security plan based on best practices, current security gaps and compliance regulations. 
  • Security Assessment – Paint a comprehensive view of your current security posture and a prioritized list of recommendations to strengthen security as well as prepare for a security audit. For an express assessment, security health check services are also available. 
  • Tools Assessment – Understand the state in which tools are configured in relation to best practices and maximize how your tools integrate with one another. Uncover opportunities to decommission technologies that have redundant features saving money and reduced network complexity. 
  • Vulnerability Assessment – Ascertain a report of identified vulnerabilities, identified false positives and a prioritized list of recommendations. 
  • Penetration Testing (Network, Wireless, Firewall, Active Directory, Web Application) – Identify areas of security weaknesses against a red team with the objective of circumventing security controls. 
  • Social Engineering – Create awareness of how users fair against the use of social deception to gain confidential and personal information by means of a phishing attack, phone, physical penetration test or OSINT/Reconnaissance Assessment. 
  • Incident Response – In addition to a response plan, emergency support from an incident response team will assist with containing an attack and stopping further damage. The response team can also assist with recovering encryption keys for ransomware attacks by negotiating bitcoin, gaining proof of life and transferring ransom. 
  • Security Forensics and Compromise Assessment – Identify how an attacker gained access, what data was accessed and if the intruder is still present. 

Security Products

As technology advocates, we have chosen to partner with only the best Security Partners.  

See our Security Partners that represent the following solutions: 

  • Firewall 
  • Endpoint Protection 
  • Cloud Access Security Broker  
  • Privileged Access Manager 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication 
  • Single Sign On 
  • Vulnerability Management 
  • Incident Detection and Response 
  • User Behavior Awareness – Learning Management 
  • Web Application Firewall 
  • Data Governance & Security 
  • Data Loss Prevention 
  • Security Information and Event
  • Management 
  • Security Scorecard 

Related Partners

See our partners below. 

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We want to share what Bird Rock Systems is doing to support you and your team to provide continuity of service at all times.

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