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Who we are

We are technology experts.

We are professionals in the fields of Cloud, Security, Network, Privacy and Compliance.

We are Bird Rock Systems—Your dedicated IT partner.


Located in San Diego’s Technology Center, Sorrento Valley, Bird Rock Systems has been partnering with Fortune 500 Enterprises and Enterprise Organizations across a range of industries to provide customized IT solutions. From building infrastructure to cybersecurity to staffing efforts, you name it; we’ve mastered it. 


That’s precisely our mission—to help companies develop strategies, execute on initiatives, and achieve their IT goals. To do this, we begin by understanding your organization intuitively. During our Discovery process we identify and examine the core issues you’re facing and curate a personalized IT team to help. As your needs change over the continuing months, your dedicated team will scale to match. 


It’s this flexible and collaborative IT solution that makes us Bird Rock Systems 


Why Bird Rock Systems? 

The IT world isn’t static. In fact, it’s in constant motion, evolving by the day.  


You need an IT team that can partner with you, assess the situation, and then implement customized solutions across products, services, and staffing. A glaring 2019 ISACA Report found that 69% of cyber professionals say their teams are understaffed. We seek to remedy this issue by providing tailored IT solutions to your specific needs.  


What do these solutions look like? 

  • Personalized IT Team – You might not have the bandwidth or the time to handle an IT problem. We’re happy to join the crew and work alongside your existing IT department or create a dedicated team to help support your needs, handle your projects, and achieve your IT vision.  
  • IT Tech SEAL Team – When you have an IT problem that nobody else can solve, we provide a specialized team of experts to diagnose the situation and then generate custom-tailored strategies for your business.  


At the end of the day, our clients work with us because of the people we are and the way we do business. We don’t just want to be a quick fix for your business, we want to become part of your company—an extension of your IT team.  

When it comes to answering why Bird Rock Systems? That’s easy:  

  • People Come First – At Bird Rock Systems, we consider ourselves a family. Everything from our hiring process to our business discovery process is done with a relationship-first mindset. 
  • Detailed Discovery Process  We understand that every business is different. That’s why we begin every job with a Detailed Discovery Session. From here, we’ll be able to create a customized solution for the problems you’re facing.  
  • Committed Partnership  We’re not a one-and-done IT solution; we’re here for the long haul. It’s not just about IT expertise, it’s about communication, transparency, and valuing a partnership. 
  • We Scale With You  Business scale up or down at a moment’s notice. So do we. Whether you need all hands on deck for cybersecurity reinforcement or just a helping hand, we scale to you.  
  • Our Work Guarantee – All of our work comes with the Bird Rock Systems Guarantee. We’re not done until your business is secure.    


Our Core Values 

Our business philosophy is to elevate your business. When you succeed, we succeed. This is reflected in our core values: 

  • Loyalty – At Bird Rock Systems, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships. We’re loyal to those we work with and, in turn, our customers can depend on us for any and all IT needs.  
  • Customer service – Customer service and committed partnerships are not just about having IT expertise, it’s about communication, transparency, and valuing a partnership today, tomorrow, and into the future. It’s about going above and beyond for our customers. 
  • Kaizen – At Bird Rock Systems, Kaizen is the driving force behind our operations. We embrace the principles of continuous improvement to refine our systems, services, and processes. We encourage each other to actively participate in problem-solving and innovation. We are always seeking ways to enhance efficiency and deliver top-notch solutions to our clients. We ensure that our services remain at the forefront of technological advancements. We assist customers across diverse industries and scales, striving to seamlessly adapt to their evolving needs and drive ongoing improvement.  
  • Life Balance – Here, we encourage balance. By ensuring our family takes care of their well-being, we’re able to bring more into our work. We do the same for our customers. By solving problems and lessening their workload, they can foster their own life balance.  
  • Integrity – We always do the right thing. We aim to be people of integrity at home and at work. That’s why all of our services come with the Bird Rock Systems integrity-backed guarantee—we’re not done until your business is secure, optimized, and operating efficiently. 
  • Give back – We are incredibly grateful to work in this beautiful area, doing what we love. That’s why we give back to our community, partnering with and supporting non-profits and other incredible organizations who align with our values. 


Bird Rock System’s guiding principles have helped mold us into a tight-knit community of people all working toward a common purpose. That common purpose is to optimize your IT efforts and become part of your team in the process.  



In 2003, Jim Matteo founded Bird Rock Systems. A local surfer living near La Jolla, California, Jim decided to name the company in homage to his surf break—the world-renowned, Bird Rock. It was there, out past the break, that the concept of a specialized IT company first sprung into being.  


Jim’s decades of experience in the water had taught him that no two waves are the same; and, as a veteran of the IT industry he saw the parallels. He knew all too well that every business is faced with its own unique set of IT challenges. In order to succeed—whether in the water or in the business world—you must be adaptable, innovative, and practice foresight.  


That mindset has underscored Bird Rock System’s philosophy. And as innovative technologies have changed the business landscape, we have expanded our core capabilities, services, and solutions to help our clients maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  


Today, we are based in San Diego, CA and have regional offices in Aliso Viejo and Los Angeles. We specialize in Cloud, Security, Network, Privacy and Compliance. 


OUR values



Build Strong Relationships


Life Balance

Family, Work, Personal, Fun



Be an Advocate



Always Do the Right Thing


Customer Service

Above and Beyond


Give Back

Impact Our Community


We want to share what Bird Rock Systems is doing to support you and your team to provide continuity of service at all times.

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