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24/7 Managed Services

Bird Rock Systems 24/7 Managed Services allow you to refocus your resources on critical IT projects and business initiatives.
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Services Pedigree

Navigating through the complex IT landscape is no easy task. That’s why we should walk together.  


Our methodology typically goes as follows: 


The Discovery Phase – Prepare & Plan – Any IT migration requires serious preparation and planning. Whether you’re looking to move to the public cloud or need to mature your security practices, we have a team of experts that can help you map out a plan and then execute accordingly. We can help you understand what you have in your environment, see how it’s configured, and then provide you with a roadmap to best reach your end goals. This involves: 

  • Assessments
    • Cloud (Public & Private) 
    • Network (Wired & Wireless) 
    • Security 
    • Privacy  
    • Compliance 
    • IT Tools & Integration 
    • Data Protection 
    • Vendor Security 
    • Managed Services
    • Processes
  • Technology Roadmaps
    •  Architecture & Performance Review 
    • Capacity Planning 
    • Cloud Readiness  
    • Privacy
    • Security 

The Implementation Phase – Design & Implement – Since there may be several routes to reach your end goal, we seek to minimize backtracking by applying best practices from the outset. After we gain a 360 degree snapshot of exactly what’s in production, our team will tailor solutions that fit your budget, time, and resources.


Once you approve the design plan, we allocate a team of resources for full implementation or an expert resource to assist your skilled staff with: 

  • Architecture Design 
  • Technology Integration 
  • Migration 


The Optimization Phase – Operate & Optimize – After the implementation, ongoing management and continuous improvement are needed to maximize the investment. We do this by providing detailed documentation, runbooks, expert training, and support. This allows for a seamless experience as you integrate new solutions into your business and train your IT staff.  


And, as IT technologies and your business continue to evolve, our team can keep you up-to-date with the latest features and patches. We then identify opportunities to improve how your organization uses technology through our recurring health check services. This includes:  

  • Recurring Health Checks 
  • Remediation and Root Cause Analysis 
  • Training 
  • Staffing 

Better IT. Better Business.


We want to share what Bird Rock Systems is doing to support you and your team to provide continuity of service at all times.

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