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What We Do

24/7 Managed Services

Bird Rock Systems 24/7 Managed Services allow you to refocus your resources on critical IT projects and business initiatives.
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What We Do

Organizations require IT to help them drive innovation, profitability, and maintain security.  


We focus on 5 core practices: Cloud, Network, Security, Compliance, PrivacyLearn More.


Within each of these practice areas, we help customers in three phases. The Discovery Phase allows us to investigate current operations and identify pain points. The Implementation Phase is when our team designs an IT strategy and implements it in collaboration with your team. Finally, the Optimization Phase is the continual cycle of operation and improvement. 


This surefire process goes into every service offering, including: 

  • Products – Bird Rock Systems is partnered with cutting-edge technology manufacturers within our core practices. As technology advocates and as an organization that values customer relationships, we recommend solutions that match our customer’s industry and specific needs. 
  • Services – Bird Rock Systems’ engineers are equipped with a range of advanced certifications in enterprise security, cloud (private and public), networking, and compliance & privacy. Our engineers have an established track record of success in planning, designing, implementing, optimizing, and documenting technical projects to the complete satisfaction of our diverse client base. Learn more.


Our mission is to help you navigate the continuously changing landscape of compliance. HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, CCPA are just some of the compliance regulations our customers are commonly forced to deal with. Naturally, every company is at a different place; some customers are simply looking to validate their current IT state, while others have no idea where to even begin. We gauge your situation and then seek to educate, prepare, and remediate your IT related compliance needs. Learn more.

  • Staffing – Finding the right IT Staff is challenging. And at times, it can be a full-time job. As an IT Solutions Provider, we can shorten the recruiting process because we understand our customer’s specific IT needs. Click here to learn more.
  • Team as a Service – Do you lack the budget to add headcount but still have a backlog of initiatives? That’s no problem. Bird Rock Systems specializes in curating high performance teams to augment our customers’ staff with the purpose of getting projects done. We assemble teams to support IT and Security initiatives composed of: 
    • A Program Leader (virtual CISO, virtual IT Advisor, virtual cloud advisor) 
    • Architect 
    • Systems Engineer(s) 
    • Project Manager


Learn more about our team as a service.


The cloud provides mission critical services to business and therefore require high performing, reliable, and scalable solutions. Whether Public, Private, or Hybrid, we help reduce the complexity of delivering optimal services to your business and customers. 


Our expert Cloud & Infrastructure Architects work with your IT team to build the best value solution that supports your business needs. 

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Today’s cyberthreat landscape poses a grave risk to your sensitive data, profitability, and reputation. IT security must be dynamic and continuously practiced. This requires a clear understanding of how devices are configured and of how users, customers, and applications access data.   


Bird Rock Systems has specialized in assessing, building, and managing enterprise information security for more than 15 years. Our extensive engineering experience gives us an opportunity to develop “rock solid” security strategies that respond to your evolving business challenges.  


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Your network is expected to be available, reliable, and resilient 24-hours a day. Whether wired or wireless, the network is the circulatory system that enables your business to remain productive and connected to your customers.  


Our network architects can help you design and implement your network all the while avoiding common challenges related to latency, network congestion, application performance, radio frequencies (RF) and wireless dead zones. 

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Privacy & Compliance

Data privacy and regulatory compliance adds another layer of complexity to your business. Consumers have rights regarding personal information that is held by a business, and data laws require businesses to implement and maintain reasonable security procedures and practices.  


While IT is expected to protect customer data from cyber threats, they often lack the tools and resources to prevent breaches and theft of sensitive data. Furthermore, classifying and managing sensitive data requires an understanding of your data lifecycle. 


Bird Rock Systems has merged a team of legal, compliance, and technology experts to provide a holistic approach towards data protection. This helps you avoid state and federal sanctions, prepare for audits, and enables you to fulfill Consumer access requests.

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We want to share what Bird Rock Systems is doing to support you and your team to provide continuity of service at all times.

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