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Jim Matteo
Chief Executive Officer

Defining Story: When I was 9 years old I asked my father for a go kart. As the youngest of 10 kids in the family I would frequently ask for things. My father said that I could have whatever I wanted. This got my attention and I immediately asked how. He said I just had to go out and work for it. That was the start of my entrepreneurial journey and what defines me as a CEO. I feel that we can achieve our goals in life through hard work and commitment.


Background: Jim Matteo founded Bird Rock Systems on the waves in 2003 at one of his favorite surf spots, Bird Rock. Since inception, Jim has built a company with consistent growth (6 times on the INC5000) and continues to bring tremendous value to his customers by creating a world class company culture. In 2012, Jim was awarded the EO- San Diego, Entrepreneur of the Year Award. His vision to provide ‘Best in Class’ technical solutions and customer services is rooted from his company’s core values.

Joseph Javien
Vice President of Services

Defining Story: In my 2nd year at Bird Rock Systems, I had the sole responsibility to host & run our annual Del Mar Race Track event. I was out of my element managing partners, customers & event logistics. I was nervous with a huge responsibility to represent Bird Rock Systems. With Jim’s belief in me & my ability to be teachable, I was able to overcome fears of failing & rose to the occasion. Working at Bird Rock Systems has been a series of opportunities to step out of my comfort zone. Every day I am compelled to lead by example & face challenges head on. This is the only way we grow & improve.


Background: In 2006, Joseph joined Bird Rock Systems as a Sales Specialist II shortly after graduating from SDSU. Since then, he has risen through the ranks to the VP of Services role. With a passion for team success, Joseph seeks opportunities for improvement, motivation & coaching company wide.

Brianna Woo
Vice President of Sales & Operations

Defining Story: I found my purpose at an orphanage in Mexico in 2011 when a then 8yr old girl, Alicia, showed me a happiness I never knew existed and ignited my passion to give & be selfless. She also indirectly taught me that you can accomplish anything. In 2014 the home I would visit her at got shut down. With no clue how to find her, a border dividing us & weak Spanish skills, I thought I’d never see her again. But with a little determination, networking & help of friends we were able to reconnect and have stayed connected over the years. This moment taught me to never give up, even if there is seemingly impossible obstacles in your way. I believe anything is possible and limits don’t exist!


Background: In 2009, Brianna graduated from SDSU with a degree in Business Finance. She started at Bird Rock shortly after graduating as the Operations Specialist I. Over the years her resourcefulness and dedication led her to become the VP of Sales & Ops. As an integral piece to Bird Rock Systems success, Brianna has dedicated her career to constant learning, customer satisfaction, and building a strong company culture.

Siera Jang
Director of Sales

Defining Story: My family and I immigrated to the United States when I was in the 3rd grade. As a new kid, I faced a set of challenges including the cultural and language barrier. I bonded with my classmates by discovering what we had in common. I learned the importance of perspectives because a situation can be viewed as a monumental challenge or an opportunity for improvement. I make an effort to always choose the latter.


Background: Siera Jang graduated from UC Riverside with Political Sciences in three years. Siera started her technology sales career in the copier industry soon after graduation. In 2015, Siera joined Bird Rock Systems as a Sr. Account Manager where she focused on understanding customer challenges and delivering on recommended solutions. Her passion for her craft and the team made her an exceptional candidate for leadership. In 2018, she was promoted to Sales Director for Bird Rock Systems.


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