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Maximize Investment and Proactively Mitigate Risks

Jan 13, 2016 / by Bird Rock Blogger

Have you invested in security solutions in order to better protect your company and customers data?

Data has shown that even during economic turmoil, all areas in IT are likely to get cut before security.  We all know why. Security is too critical to our customers, company, and our jobs. As stated by technology investment consultant Venky Ganesan, “One of the very few times a CEO is fired is when you are exposed to a security breach.”

One breach could costs millions of dollars, ruin a company’s reputation, and result in declining profits. This is why Gartner estimates that cybersecurity spend will increase from $77 billion (2015 statistic) to $108 billion by 2019. I think it is safe to say that cybersecurity solutions will account for a large part of the enterprise business IT budget.

While a large investment in security solutions is a proactive activity, many customers implement a solution and conclude that all work is done. Most times when you spend a large amount of money on any type of investment you want to make sure you are maximizing that investment. When I buy a house with a pool, I end up scheduling for a pool cleaner to come out bi-monthly. Now, I could attempt to clean the pool myself but that would mean using up my time, understanding how to exactly clean my pool, and realize any problems that may have occurred or may occur. It is beneficial to me and the investment in my house to have a cleaner/pool maintenance professional to periodically come out to clean and inspect my pool.

This goes the same with your security investments. Though you may have implemented a new security solution and it seems to be running well, it is beneficial and proactive to periodically make sure the solution is completely up to date, running as efficiently as possible, all features of the solutions are being maximized, and that there are no hidden vulnerabilities that may have occurred over time.

Periodic review and maintenance on your investment could potentially be the difference between a breach, your job, and millions of dollars lost.

This is why Advanced Managed Services Security Health Checks is something you should consider after making an investment into a new security solution and or maximize your current infrastructure in place. There are many reasons on why this is a value add to your team and investment.

  •   Leverage product/solution specific expertise that your team may not have
  •   Access to advanced engineering resources to supplement your team
  •   Proactively ensure updates and features are current and utilized
  •   Limits risk exposure due to the proactive nature of managed services
  •   Preventing vulnerabilities of downtime
  •   Make sense of information overload
  •   Prioritized recommendations and next steps

Ultimately, the benefits of Advanced Managed Services in a security perspective contribute to one overall goal which is maximizing your investment. To maximize your investment means you are using every opportunity possible in order to protect and secure your data while minimizing downtime.

To learn more about how you can maximize your investments and better protect and secure your data with Advanced Managed Services, give us a call today. As our motto goes “No Worries…We make IT better!”


Give us a call at 858.777.1617 or email us at info@birdrockusa.com.


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