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The Tech Break

"We make I.T. better” a Series on Advanced Managed Services, Part IV

Nov 18, 2015 / by Bird Rock Blogger

What is IT strategy?

When we take a look at some of the most successful businesses on the planet, they all have one thing in common, a powerful strategy. Rarely does a business take flight and make millions of dollars with a lackluster business strategy. Strategy is deliberate and proactive. It is a plan to set you forth into the future so you can track your progress, make adjustments when the plan falters, and be prepared for the unexpected. We have seen the success when CEO’s, board of directors, etc. create a business strategy. So why do we not hear the words IT strategy very often?

Historically, IT has taken a reactive approach. IT teams are lean and forced to wear multiple hats. Day to day operations and issues constantly take away from longer term projects. As the business scales, IT does the best it can do to keep up until it must make critical investments in order to keep the whole ship afloat. There is a huge reason why IT has taken a reactive approach and it boils down to many of the things that I have talked about in this blog series. Things like limited time and budget. As I mentioned in the very first blog of this series, the third challenge our customers deal with is a lack of resources. This could be a lack of time, training, budget, expertise, personnel, infrastructure, control, and the list could go on and on. Basically, a lack of resources has caused IT to become reactionary and because IT is reactionary, it is uncommon to see IT strategy.

Bird Rock Systems is changing the game here. We understand that IT security, optimization, and efficiency have become a business priority and not just an IT responsibility. We have used our expertise in security, collaboration, mobility, and data center in order to help our customers develop IT strategy. Our Advanced Managed Services give you detailed insight into your network and with that insight comes a Roadmap with recommendations that will prepare you for the future.

We use the most innovative security and monitoring tools in the industry to: relentlessly assess the posture of your data and network computing infrastructure, determine your cloud readiness, understand availability of critical resources, and ultimately, prevent costly business outages.

We can manage any device on the network, allowing you to tailor services to your business needs. Our monitoring services collect metrics related to utilization, connectivity, vulnerability, up time, disk space, process usage, and more so that you can make business-critical technical decisions based on real-time facts.

 When we talk IT strategy we have a conversation focused on Business Direction and Financial goals, overall enterprise architecture, technical migration plan, timeline, and IT budget. We throw out the reactionary processes of the past and give our customers the tools to proactively better their environment with IT strategy!

Call us at 858.777.1617 or email us at info@birdrockusa.com.

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