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The Tech Break

PART 2: Choosing a Partner That is Loyal to Customer Success

Sep 11, 2012 / by Joseph Javien

It is important to work with the right technology partner to be more effective at making IT purchases. Finding the right technology VAR can take some time. The first meeting with a technology partner can be like a first date: the VAR obviously wants to make a good impression so the customer will work with them. But as a customer and technology partner “date” the real colors comes out. Sometimes the good of the partner really shines through. They are very responsive, detailed and are committed to helping the customer achieve their goals. Other times, partners can fall short. Whether it’s slow turn-around time on quotes, lack of expertise or high-pressure selling, these all lead to a poor customer experience.

Loyalty to customers is a core value of Bird Rock Systems. We strive to build strong relationships with our customers and earn their trust by being very responsive to their needs and acting in the utmost integrity. Trust is paramount in any relationship and it takes time. The more a partner understands the vision of a customer’s business and understands their challenges, the better they can serve them. Loyalty is one of the reasons that a significant amount of Bird Rock Systems’s business comes from repeat customers.

Customers aren’t looking for a “sales person.” What they really need is someone that can help them accomplish their goals.

Joseph Javien

Written by Joseph Javien

In 2006, Joseph joined Bird Rock Systems as a Sales Specialist II shortly after graduating from SDSU. Since then, he has risen through the ranks to the VP of Services role. With a passion for team success, Joseph seeks opportunities for improvement, motivation & coaching company wide.

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