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Case Study: Government

The Company

A large California government municipal organization.

The Pain

The customer had a complex network with legacy hardware that was beyond or nearing the support date. Their need was urgent to modernize, and the customer saw this as a great opportunity to refresh not only the network hardware, but the overall design. As a government entity that is very conscious of IT spending, it was critical for the customer to have a solid technology plan for the network that would support the present and future requirements. The customer also wanted to improve reliability, availability and performance in general, as well as introducing IP based services and applications. Some of these services have a significant impact on the network such as High Definition video surveillance across many locations. The customer required an unbiased party that could collect and analyze detailed information at a level that is not easily accessible to the customer and make recommendations to the network environment. Supporting information would assist the customer to formulate a vendor agnostic request for proposal (RFP).

The Solution

Bird Rock Systems proposed a comprehensive network assessment of each site to identify necessary equipment and architectural changes that will enable each location to support state of the art IT in areas of voice, data and video. Our advanced network engineering team was able to successfully complete the assessment within the timeline we projected which supported the customer’s urgent timeframe.

Our assessment was divided into 3 phases: Discovery, Inventory and Performance. In these phases, we reviewed the following areas:

  • Network Inventory
  • Network Device Lifecycle
  • Network Design
  • Device Configuration
  • Network Performance and Availability
  • Network Management, Monitoring and Alerting
  • Network Security

We reviewed all switches routers and firewalls with an emphasis on the core and distribution. Routing protocols, VLANs and subnets were reviewed to make architecture recommendations for best practices as they apply to route summarization and the size of subnets. Network architecture was reviewed to make recommendations to enable restriction of traffic protecting sensitive areas.

By the end of our engagement we had a clear understanding of the environment and produced an assessment report with supporting reference material and an executive summary of our recommendations.


The Outcome

At the conclusion of our project, the customer was provided with tangible information about their network environment which enabled them to make informed decisions about refreshing and scaling out their network environment to support the technology plans of the organization. Our team provided a clear representation of the network environment health in the form of numeric score. The customer learned how the score compares across their vertical, and how they can move their score upwards. Our team provided very specific technical findings and recommendations to improve the environment. This approach helped all stakeholders, technical and non-technical, understand the present state and what is required to improve reliability, availability and performance. Lastly, we created evaluation criteria that will help them compare different manufacturer solutions in the hardware selection process. In the final deliverable, the customer had an optimal design based on best practices that was scalable to address the rapid expansion of voice, video and data applications throughout all locations to meet the needs of their short term and long term requirements.


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