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Case Study: International Resort

The Company

A large international Resort Company with 1,000+ users (guest/employees) at any given time.

The Pain

Customer was looking to refresh their wired and wireless infrastructure to support the growth and modernization of their resorts.


The customer had significant network issues resulting in downtime, loss of revenue, and brand credibility. Their legacy infrastructure was at the root of security, connectivity, and networking issues. The infrastructure lacked modern security protocols leaving the company open to vulnerabilities. The network was also flat and insecure which was causing many instances of downtime. This constant downtime placed IT staff in a reactive state, unable to get ahead. Along with network issues, their wireless connectivity was subpar with a significant number of complaints a month. This resulted in thousands of dollars wasted monthly due to a contract with a third party for help desk and remediation services for customer and employee wireless. Ultimately the customer needed turnkey network and wireless solutions that would make Resort growth simple, manageable, and affordable in respects to time, energy, and scalability.

The Solution

Bird Rock Systems proposed a rebuild of the wireless network because we understood that wireless connectivity was an immediate issue needing resolution. Using a solution from a trusted partner, Aruba Networks, Bird Rock wireless engineers were able to install new Aruba APs throughout the resort. Along with implementing the new APs, Bird Rock engineers provided custom templates to the customer allowing them to rapidly deploy wireless throughout their resort locations and corporate offices. Aruba Clearpass was also implemented to give guests a secure, easy self-service customer experience for guest wireless.  Bird Rock engineers successfully recommended, implemented, configured, and trained staff on a wireless solution that was effective, durable, and scalable at an affordable price.


The next challenge was with the customer’s wired network. Bird Rock replaced legacy switches with new Juniper Networks EX switches. Network performance issues were significantly reduced with the new switches. The new network infrastructure provided a better guest experience during reservation check in/out and became a catalyst for greater employee productivity.


The final challenge resolved was with security. Using the new Juniper EX switches, Bird Rock segmented the network creating greater security layers for the Customer. Once a flat network where all systems were connected, the new segmented network isolated customer traffic from employee traffic.


The Outcome

Since working with the Customer on this large project, there has been a dramatic increase in Resort guest customer satisfaction for multiple reasons. Wireless connectivity complaints are now down to almost zero. Guest are having a greater ease of use experience with a captive portal and high speed wireless which has regained brand credibility. A stronger, durable network with a dramatic decrease in downtime has mitigated revenue loss issues. This has resulted in a greater customer experience during check in/out.


The customer’s IT team has also seen major improvements in network and wireless efficiency, durability, cost and scalability. Help desk calls have been dramatically reduced due to the wireless and network solutions implemented. These solutions have been integral to reducing the amount of spend on help desk support monthly. Customer has since built out wireless for 3 new locations using the wireless template provided by Bird Rock Systems. Bird Rock engineers' expertise, recommendations, and training has ultimately given the customer the power and tools to grow their business.  Customer loyalty is proof of their satisfaction with Bird Rock Systems services and our engineering team.



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