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Case Study: Non-Profit Organziation

The Company

A Non-Profit Organization that aids those with disabilities. 


The Pain

As part of the medical industry, security practices are always maturing and increasing in their requirements. The customer needed to consistently strengthen internal security practices in order to protect sensitive materials, but lacked an internal security team as well as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to do so. In addition to the growing breadth of security requirements, the customer also had a list of IT security projects that needed to be completed for company performance and functionality.  


The customer needed immediate and consistent top-level security skills in order to continue to operate within its field and hiring an internal security team was the ideal answer. However, hiring an internal team would take a large amount of time, money, and training.  



The Solution

Bird Rock Systems was referred to the customer due to our vast background in conducting security assessments, as well as implementing security solutions and completing IT security projects. With our expertise in mind, we decided to tackle the issue of aiding an organization without an internal security team.  


The solution to this issue was to utilize a Managed Security Services Team (MSST) - a team of security professionals that work remotely.  


The MSST was composed of a Virtual CISO (VCISO) who could play the role of an internal CISO, a security architect, a security engineer, and a project manager. This team knocked out the list of security protocols and projects that the customer wanted to complete, while Bird Rock Systems focused on remediating new technologies/tightening up security.  


The reason why a MSST was chosen was due to: 

  • the time that would be saved in finding skilled individuals  
  • the swift improvements that the team would bring to the customer's security  
  • the tens of thousands of dollars that would be saved by the customer 
  • the security training that the MSST would impart customer's internal IT team 

The Outcome

Once the MSST was implemented, the customer recovered valuable time, money, and training costs toward its internal security. With the aid of Bird Rock System's management of the MSST and remediation of internal IT issues, the customer found the miracle cure it was looking for. Since this event, the customer has continued to utilize Bird Rock for internal IT and security consulting, while operating at top-level performance. 



We want to share what Bird Rock Systems is doing to support you and your team to provide continuity of service at all times.

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