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Case Study: Life Science Medical Manufacturing

The Company

A world leader in life science medical manufacturing with 1,500+ employees spread across 30+ countries.

The Pain

The customer’s team had to manage 20+ firewalls from 5 different vendors. The knowledge needed to manage 5 different vendor firewalls and dashboards took up their team’s valuable time and consequently left their firewalls outdated. Because the customer had fallen behind on updating their firewalls, their infrastructure was not fully optimized and had created concerning security gaps. Customer also had obligations to be HIPPA compliant and needed an expert resource to review all firewalls in order to maintain best practices. All these challenges were encompassed by the need for expert resources and insight within a limited budget.

The Solution

Bird Rock Systems engaged with Customer and recommended our Quarterly Firewall Health Check services. We were able to perform quarterly health checks with remediation over the course of a year on the different firewalls. Bird Rock Systems engineers also provided over the shoulder training equipping the customer’s team with expert knowledge on how to manage, navigate, and ultimately optimize each of their firewalls.  With quarterly health checks in hand and greater expertise from over the shoulder training the customer was able to mimic the health check recommendations and configurations onto the 5 different vendor firewalls across their entire organization. This resulted in huge cost savings for the customer because it allowed them to deploy recommended configuration changes onto 20+ firewalls whilst only incurring the cost of 5 firewall quarterly health checks.


In order to make configuration, updates, etc. on the firewalls easier Bird Rock implemented a central firewall management tool, with no purchase needed, that the customer had not been previously using. This allowed access and configurations to be updated on one single pane of glass for all the different firewalls. This made their process for firewall configuration and updates much more efficient than before.


The Outcome

Since working with the customer, they have been able to continuously optimize their firewalls throughout their entire organization in a timelier, stress-free, efficient manner. Customer is utilizing the time created from a more efficient management process of their firewalls to focus on critical initiatives and projects. Since completion of the Quarterly Health Check services, the customer has also become more secure and filled security gaps that were once a concern. Ultimately, Bird Rock Systems Health Check services and engineers equipped the customer with expertise and tools that have effectively allowed the customer to maximize their firewall investment and minimize the time needed to manage all their firewalls.



We want to share what Bird Rock Systems is doing to support you and your team to provide continuity of service at all times.

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