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Team Highlights

Another Trip in the Books!

After celebrating yet another record-breaking year for Bird Rock Systems, the team was able to celebrate on our first snow trip together to Breckenridge, Colorado! The members of our team that went on the trip were able to bring a guest and experience all the nature and snow Colorado had to offer.

DAY 1: Our team arrives in Colorado and are welcomed by the cold snowy air. Not-so-typical weather for our Southern California-based members, but we were all up for it! Drove for a looooong time in traffic to get to Breckenridge, but with this group we can make anything a fun memory!

DAY 2: The first major outing with the whole team was a snowmobiling tour of Camp Hale, in Leadsville Colorado. The team got to zoom in their snowmobiles in a Nascar-style track and drive up some of the Rocky Mountains to view the valleys of the historical World War 2 campsite. 

DAY 3: Half of our team reached some of the highest elevation in Colorado and took skiing or snowboarding lessons in Breckenridge's famous spots. The other half of our team went dog sledding and got to meet over 100 of the sweetest doggos ever.

Meet the Newest Members of Our Team

Our company is growing! Get the latest on your new Bird Rockers by reading up on them below. Interested or know someone who may be interested in joining the Bird Rock Systems team? Send your resume on our Careers Page!

Savannah Siegenthaler

Job Title: OC/LA Business Development Rep

What are you most excited about working for Bird Rock Systems? I am most excited to work alongside such smart and helpful people, all while bringing value to customers!

Favorite food? I am not a picky eater- but if I had to choose I would say Mexican food.

What is your spirit animal and why? I would say that a Panda is my spirit animal- they symbolize strength and compassion! 

If you really knew me, you would know ... that my 4 year old daughter is my bestie!!


Tish Qian

Job Title: Project Manager

What are you most excited about working for Bird Rock Systems? I am excited to learn and grow with the team and engage with our clients

Favorite food? Mexican Food (just about anything)

What is your spirit animal and why? A bear – they are at peace in nature, love food and curious

If you really knew me, you would know … I enjoy learning new things – anything that makes my life easier or well rounded is a win

ben s

Ben Sanders

Job Title: Business Development Rep

What are you most excited about working for Bird Rock Systems? Looking forward to connecting clients with resources and people necessary to help conquer their challenges and achieve their goals with the support of the Bird Rock team.

Favorite food? My favorite food would be anything adventurous. Whether it be a new cultural cuisine I haven’t tried or food from a hole-in-the-wall restaurant with a decent YELP review.

What is your spirit animal and why? According to the powers of whatismyspiritanimal.com - my spirit animal is the Horse. As a Horse is the animal that belongs to those who gracefully jump the hurdles of life and always trust their intuition.

If you really knew me, you would know … That in my free time I can typically be found doing something that involves being outdoors such as golfing, fishing, or just taking it all in!


Shabana Hematyar

Job Title: Account Manager

What are you most excited about working for Bird Rock Systems? The most exciting thing about BirdRock is that it makes me feel home.

Favorite food? Thai food

What is your spirit animal and why? An elephant, since they are considered to be one of the most intelligent animals.

If you really knew me, you would know... I sing when no one is around.

Upcoming Events

Coming Soon ... 

2022 is underway, and we are setting up for the best! Be on the lookout for these events we have coming soon:

February - Join us for a virtual cooking class that you and the family can enjoy! We will send you an ingredients list and a gift card, so no running around the grocery store to find what you need. 

March - A day out on the course with Bird Rock Systems, what a treat! Meet our team for a relaxed day on one of the most popular courses in San Diego. 

Want to stay connected with Bird Rock Systems and find out when you can meet our team next? Subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on social media to be in the know!


Portrait of a family preparing lunch in the kitchen
Golf player at the putting green hitting ball into a hole

Tech Highlight

Man in suit with cloud head and blue icons on grungy background

Cloud & Security Evaluations

Bird Rock Systems is offering a new service for those using Microsoft! Our Microsoft Cloud & Security Evaluation is a rapid, data-backed consultative engagement built to provide actionable insights for your unique IT environment. The engagement will enable you and your stakeholders to understand risks, find opportunities to optimize and modernize, and provide clear pathways to decreasing the cost and complexity of your IT footprint.

Here are some helpful statistics for you to consider:

  • 22% of endpoints are exposed to at least one critical security vulnerability
  • 43% of organizations have overlapping or redundant productivity solutions
  • 29% is the average cost reduction opportunity uncovered through optimization 

What's covered with the Service?

  • Security - Address threats, misconfigurations and gaps requiring immediate action and get recommendation to reduce risk 
  • Cost & Complexity - Build the right plan for your organization by leveraging programmatic incentives
  • Optimization - Uncover opportunities to construct the right infrastructure using performance-based insights
  • Roadmap - The work done during this evaluation will leave you with an actionable roadmap to reduce risk, drive optimization and modernization, and reduce the cost and complexity of your IT footprint.

Want to schedule a meeting with our experts to get started? Let us know what time works for you!

Happenings in So-Cal

SD Museum Month

February Museum Month - Explore 45+ San Diego County museums, historic sites, gardens, zoo/aquariums and more with 50% off admissions. Get a Museum Month Pass to visit the sites, and celebrate art and culture all month long. 

For more information, click here!

san diego tet logo 226x124

San Diego Tết Festival - One of the biggest cultural festivals in San Diego, draws more than 25,000 people. Join the 3-day celebration for the Vietnamese New Year also known as Tet. Enjoy food, games, and other attractions such as live entertainment and pageants.

Learn more about the festival here!


Truffle Making Workshop - Chocoholics, now is your time to shine! There is a class at Centennial Farm taught by Chef Vina where you will be able to learn about chocolate's origin, make your own ganache, and decorate with several gourmet toppings. Try not to eat all the ingredients before you make your treats!

Get the details here 🍫


Hayao Miyazaki Retrospective - Fans of the famous Japanese animation director can enjoy this immersive experience at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Step into his world by seeing different clips from his Studio Ghibli films, featuring original imageboards, character designs, and more! You can even find film screenings dubbed in English and Japanese in the museum's state-of-the-art theaters.

To get tickets to the exhibit, click here!

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