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Technology Road Map

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IT Executives are key contributors to business efficiency, innovation, security, and profitibility.

Without up to date information about the state of IT as a whole, IT executives are challenged with aligning business objectives, goals, and vision to IT strategy.

A Technology Road Map will give you complete visbility into your IT as a whole, allowing you to make informed decisions on IT spend, staffing, and training for greater organizational success. 

Key Benefits

A Technology Road Map will provide many key benefits in helping you understand your IT as a whole.
  • Document the state of IT in relation to the business: talent, technologies, spend, and process.
  • Snapshot of current physical network topology
  • Improve investment planning through identification of equipment at risk
  • Save money on telco services not in use
  • Gain an independent, third party view from an expert team with proven methodology
  • Transferrable documentation for new IT hires
  • Training and staffing recommendations


A Technology Roadmap will include: 
  • High Level LAN/WAN diagrams
  • Other network diagrams (Remote Access, IP Telephony, Security, Internet, QoS, etc.)
  • Needs/Gap Analysis report for IT human resources
  • Report IT business spend including hardware, softwar, licensing, support contracts, professional services, telco, data center, payroll, etc.
  • Identify end-of-life software and equipment for budget planning
  • Report current state of support contracts
  • Root cause analysis of recent incident reports
  • Review of findings, conclusions, and recommendations moving forward

Complete knowledge and strategic alignment creates IT success.

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